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M Series Airlocks

M Series Airlocks

The primary function of a rotary valve is to regulate the flow of product from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. This product is mainly in dry powder or granular form. In the dust filtration field, good airlocks are essential on cyclone and bag filter applications in order to maintain high dust collection efficiencies.

Airlocks are also important in the pneumatic conveying industry, where product is fed into a high pressure conveying line with minimum air leakage.

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    • Pneumatic Blow-Thru Round and Square Flange Airlocks

      Blow-Thru Round and Square Flange Airlocks


      The Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Feeder is ideal for Pneumatic Conveying applications in food, grain, chemical, milling, baking, plastics and pharmaceutical industries.

    • Pneumatic Heavy Duty Cast Iron Airlocks

      Heavy Duty Cast Iron Airlocks


      HDT model Drop Thru rotary airlock feeders are designed for rugged applications that require an outboard bearing style unit where contamination and/or an abrasive product cannot be handled with an inboard bearing style RAL.

    • Pneumatic Heavy Duty Extra Tough Airlocks

      Heavy Duty Extra Tough Airlocks


      Heavy Duty Extra Tough (HDX) Drop-Thru rotary airlocks provide reliable service in high pressure, high temperature and other severe service conditions.

    • Pneumatic Heavy Duty Side Entry Airlocks

      Heavy Duty Side Entry Airlocks


      Side Entry or Offset feeders (HDSE) are commonly used in applications involving relatively large particles that cannot be reduced by shearing between the rotor blades and the housing at the inlet.

    • Pneumatic Klean In Place Airlock

      Klean In Place Airlock


      The Klean-In-Place Rotary Airlock Feeder is a special purpose valve suited for Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Food, Baking, Chemical, Paint, and Powder Coating plants. Meets 3A Sanitary Standards.

    • Pneumatic Kwik Klean Airlocks

      Kwik Klean Airlocks


      The Kwik-Klean Series Rotary Airlock Feeders permit fast and simple disassembly/reassembly for quick cleaning, inspection or maintenance without the use of tools or removal from service.

    • Pneumatic Pellet Valve M Series Airlock

      Pellet Valve Airlock


      No shearing of material is accomplished by using a side inlet with an “integral curved slide gate” to control flow of the material evenly across the open rotor pocket.

    • Pneumatic Round or Square Flange M Series Airlocks

      Round or Square Flange Airlocks


      Standard Duty (SD) Drop-Thru rotary airlock feeders are designed for economical and reliable material metering and airlock service.