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R Series Airlocks

R Series Airlocks

The primary function of a rotary valve is to regulate the flow of product from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. This product is mainly in dry powder or granular form. In the dust filtration field, good airlocks are essential on cyclone and bag filter applications in order to maintain high dust collection efficiencies.

Airlocks are also important in the pneumatic conveying industry, where product is fed into a high pressure conveying line with minimum air leakage.

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    • Pneumatic R Series Airlocks



      All our standard valves are precision machined for close tolerances. Pressure differentials to 20psi and temperatures to 750 deg. F can be handled.

    • Pneumatic Blowing Seals R Series Airlocks

      Blowing Seals Airlocks


      Blowing Seals have been introduced to meet the specific needs of the pneumatic conveying industry and are a natural extension to the Rotary Airlock, both being used to regulate the flow of dry powder,dust or granular product while maintaining an airlock.

    • Pneumatic Dust Collection R Series Airlocks

      Dust Collection Airlocks


      Introducing a new low cost solution to dust collector valve needs. Our new Dust Collector Valve is a lighter duty option for standard dust collection applications.

    • Pneumatic Klean Lok R Series Airlocks

      Klean Lok Airlocks


      The Klean Lok is a more specialist valve. Its modular design makes it an easy-clean valve, aimed specifically at the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness, both internally and externally, must be to a high standard.

    • Pneumatic Non-Standard R Series Airlocks

      Non-Standard Airlocks


      IAC manufactures a wide range of special sized Rotary Airlocks, including some round inlets to square outlets and the range is continuously being extended.

    • Pneumatic Offset Rotary Valves R Series Airlocks

      Offset Rotary Valves


      The Offset Rotary Valve ensures lower pocket fillage as its design means that the rotor is still being filled in the upward cycle with the pellets falling away at the shear point. Similarly, the pelican beak distributes the product across the full width of the rotor.

    • Pneumatic Stainless Steel R Series Airlocks

      Stainless Steel Airlocks


      Our standard stainless steel valves are precision machined for close tolerances. Pressure differentials to 20psi and temperatures to 750B0F can be handled. We have made specials to handle temperatures covering 2200B0F and pressures to 350psi.