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Dust Collectors / Baghouses

IAC offers a wide variety of IAC baghouses to select from for your project needs – from our new M-Pulse long bag, energy efficient, medium pulse pressure baghouse, to our traditional Baumco reverse air baghouse, to our traditional pulse jet collector line or pulse jet bin vent options.

We can handle particulate collection for your process gas or nuisance/fugitive dust requirements in any air flow range – from 200 to 2,000,000 cfm – and help you select and install the correct equipment for acid gas control and heavy metal abatement as well.

IAC`s specialty in pneumatic conveying, material transfer and material storage systems also makes them the perfect “total system” partner for your project. We can design your dust collection equipment and your collected product convey, recycling, or disposal systems.

If you need assistance in Project Management, Field Erection, or Field Service, you can also rely on IAC`s Adelphi division for a total turnkey solution.


Dust Collector
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Dust Collector
Application Data Sheet