BAUMCO - Large Air Volume Reverse Air Cleaning - Low Ratio

BAUMCO Baghouses

Baumco has been an industry staple for reverse Air Collectors on Electric Arc Furnaces and foundries for over thirty years.

When IAC acquired the Baumco product line, IAC inherited a design pool of Fabric Filter Collectors, Evaporative Coolers, and Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers, along with Collection duct designs that can service up to 2,000,000 CFM.

While competitive with the IAC M-Pulse long bag, medium pulse Pressure Collector, IAC Baumco Reverse Air Baghouses may be the best equipment choice in some applications, so IAC is pleased to keep them in our product line-up.

IAC offers parts and service support for the Baumco Dust Collector line and is pleased to also offer pulse jet conversions to Baumco customers.

Anode Banking Furnace Dry Scrubbing237.5 KiB141
AOD Emission Control239.9 KiB134
BOF Fugitive Emissions Control240.5 KiB160
Desulfurization Emission Control248.7 KiB154
EAF Emissions Control Upgrade246.8 KiB172
EAF Furnace Enclosure258.0 KiB125
EAF Primary And Secondary Emissions Control261.2 KiB120
Fluid Bed Combustion Fly Ash Emission Control250.5 KiB123

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