M-Pulse - Large Process Gas Volume Baghouse

M-Pulse Baghouses

IAC`s M-Pulse, long bag, medium pulse Pressure Baghouse is designed for efficient operation and effective cleaning for large process gas flow applications.

The M-Pulse is especially effective on coal fired, biomass, and other steam production applications.

The modular design simplifies application up to 2,000,000 CFM.

Target industry applications:

  • Industrial and Utility Boilers
  • Gypsum, Lime and Cement Industries (Kilns, Clinker Coolers, Dryers)
  • Foundry and Steel Melt-Shop Ventilation
  • Primary and Secondary Metals
  • ESP Conversions to Baghouse

Major product features include:

  • Modular design & modular expansion capability
  • Low 60 PSI pulse pressure cleaning, which saves energy through lower compressed air requirements
  • Unique inlet gas baffle plate design, which aids in particle collection before filter media is encountered and in gas flow distribution in each module
  • Simplified service through easily accessed cleaning valves and controls
  • Weather-tight, covered service module with overhead winch to aid in lifting clean air plenum doors and bags for easier change-out and maintenance
  • Long bag design, (8 meter / 26`3″ typical), reducing steel footprint and capital investment for significant quantities of filter media
  • Steep pyramidal hopper designs for each module, which aids material flow and simplifies material collection
  • Divided inlet and outlet gas manifolds to promote even gas flow distribution into and out of each cleaning module
  • Automation integration into centralized plant system control when required

IAC`s experience and proficiency with pneumatic material collection, material transfer, material storage, and material load-out permits IAC to design an entire dust collection and material solution for your site.

IAC`s acid gas control and mercury abatement technology can also keep gaseous and heavy metal emissions to acceptable levels while effectively controlling particulate discharge.

With Dust Collector design, material handling collection and storage, and acid gas control, the IAC M-Pulse Collector can be your “one stop” solution for all your air pollution control responsibilities.

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