Shop Built Modular Pulse-Jet Baghouse

Shop Built Modular Pulse-Jet Baghouse

IAC`s Shop Built Modular Pulse-Jet Baghouse for High Gas Volume Process Gas Applications

  • 100% Shop Welded
  • Shop Assembled
  • Easy to Ship from Factory to Jobsite
  • Cost Effective Installation; Pick from Trailer and Set onto the Steel
  • Single Row or Parallel Row Arrangements
  • Up to 10 Modules in each Row; Total of 20 Modules for One Gas Train
  • Walk-In Clean Air Plenums
  • Pulse-Jet Cleaning
  • Large Row to Row and Bag to Bag Spacings
  • Low Can and Interstitial Velocity Profiles
  • Top Bag Access and Removal
  • High Temperature Designs >500 deg. F
  • Shop Insulated
  • Easily Customized for Various Process Applications
  • Designed for 5-Year Bag Life

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