PD Blower Packages - Pressure and Vacuum*

Blower Packages

Pressure – Vacuum and Combination Pressure/Vacuum Packages
IAC`s highly experienced engineers accurately design and size our blower packages to insure proper conveying rates are achieved.

IAC manufacturers a wide range of blower package designs.
From our standard units to highly customized package designs. Tell us what you want and we can design specialized packages to meet your particular requirement.

IAC standard blower packages are available up to 300 horsepower with pressure systems to 18 PSI and vacuum packages to 18″ HG. Special high pressure packages are also available. IAC staff can recommend a blower brand or you can choose from a wide variety of positive displacement blower brands to match your existing equipment or preference.

Blower Cross Reference Chart153.9 KiB1004
Leach Pad Blower Package149.1 KiB239
Pressure and Vacuum Blower Package Selection Table and Drawings313.0 KiB425
Regenerative Ring Compressor Blowers0.0 B541