Semi-Dense Phase Pressure Conveying

IAC is your Original Equipment Manufacturer partner for projects involving dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and bulk material storage system design. Our engineers have more the 200 years of combined experience in these areas for a wide variety of industries.

IAC can provide all the components you need for a complete system, including storage silos, dust collection equipment, and day bins / work bins, along with design assistance, bin vents, blower packages, filter receivers and more. IAC can even integrate control automation into your existing process automation.

IAC is your source for engineering and equipment as well as installation, project management assistance, project related fabrication, after the sale parts, service support and other full service OEM services.

Bin Vents - Filters465.2 KiB163
Filter Receivers209.8 KiB165
Leach Pad Blowers (SX) - Copper Solvent Extraction501.5 KiB199
Pneumatic Conveying Equipment524.6 KiB220
Pneumatic Transfer System- Lead Oxide Storage Silo524.6 KiB154
Pneumatic Transfer System- Storage Silo581.5 KiB198
Portable Pneumatic Transfer System368.0 KiB187