PLC and DCS Controls | Industrial Accessories Company

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System Engineering

The Industrial Accessories Company staff has extended skill in system design and implementation of industrial PLC control systems. Since PLC systems are a primary focus of the company, Industrial Accessories Company has extensive experience with a wide range of controller families.

PLC Programming

Each staff programmer has attended classes provided by the PLC manufacturers. This training, coupled with each programmer’s years of field experience, gives the company the knowledge to provide innovative solutions for a multitude of programming problems. Also, the firm maintains a “standard device” programming library for common control components programming.

Industrial Accessories Company has the skill to create effective logic for special devices, as well. This ability stems from a thorough comprehension of the system`s intended operation. Because IAC staff’s background is founded in engineering, the company has the know-how to design logic that extends beyond the understanding of most programmers. Being able to create logic for custom devices in a process system separates IAC from other firms that cannot over come these obstacles.

Each staff member is equipped with a specialized notebook computer dedicated for use in field programming and startup of PLC systems.

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