How to Install Snap Band Filter Bags the Right Way

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You may be thinking to yourself that installing a snap band bag is easy; just bend the top of the bag, run the bag through the tube sheet and snap into place.

If this sounds like you then you’re going to want to keep reading.

There are some small but important details that go into snap band installation that often get overlooked and can lead to a damaged bag and poor dust collection performance.

Let’s first start by defining what makes a snap band bag unique. Around the top of the bag, located inside the material of the bag, is a stainless steel ring. This ring is deformable which allows the user to manipulate its shape in order to fit the bag through a tube sheet. The bag is guided through the opening of the tube sheet and the top of the filter bag (the snap band) is aligned with the tub sheet’s opening. Once aligned the user releases the top of the filter and the ring snaps into place.

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Seems easy enough, but many make a common mistake.

One of the most frequent oversights when installing a snap band is excessive bending. Because the bands can bend so easily it is often unnoticed when this excessive bending is happening. Bending the ring too much will result in a kink in the ring which will not allow the bag to properly snap into place in the tube sheet. So remember to deform the band as little as possible in order to install the filter.


Snap Band Filter Ring


Properly Bent Snap Band Filter Ring

Another typical error comes from attempting to bend the snap band from the wrong side. A seam on the material of the bag that covers the ring should be noticeable. It’s vital to note that the bend should take place on the opposite side of this seam. Bending the band on the side where the seam is located can cause wrinkles. These wrinkles can cause emissions to escape from the system and produce hefty fines for not staying compliant with EPA guidelines.

Installing snap bands can be a straightforward process. By remembering the little details that go into these types of filters you ensure a smooth install.

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