IAC’s Redesigned Website

In Baghouse Blog by IAC

At IAC, we are always working on new ways to improve our customers’ experience. We don’t aspire to stay ahead of the trend with the latest technologies and innovations, we aim to set the trend. That’s why we’ve completely re-designed our website to provide you more information and a better overall experience.

Our new website is fully responsive. This means our site will re-size itself to your screen’s size, no matter the size.

The website menu is clear and easy to navigate. Now you can easily find what you need.

We have developed a deep integrated page structure to provide more information to you. You can locate supporting pages of the menu pages by simply hovering or tapping on the menu pages.

If you’re on the go and need to access our website from your phone, we’ve got you covered. The IAC website is completely mobile friendly. Anything you can do on our website from a computer, you can also do from a phone.

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