Managing Your Baghouse Collection Hopper

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Today we are going to focus on the hopper of a baghouse. There are two types of hoppers in a baghouse; a storage hopper and a collection hopper. For the purpose of this discussion we will be talking about the collection hopper.

The way a baghouse works is you have dirty air flowing into the system. The dust gets filtered out on the filter bags and the cleaning system discharges the dust into the hopper. It is important that a collection hopper is emptied continuously. Now if the hopper is extremely, such that you cannot fill more than a bucket a day, it is okay to turn it off. Just be sure to empty the hopper at least one time a day.

If you do not empty your baghouse hopper every day the system is functioning, you will run into problems. One of the main issues is material build up within the system which leads to increase airflow velocity and can cause abrasion. Another issue that can occur is the material build up that occurs can result in not being able to discharge the system properly. Perhaps the biggest problem is that a full hopper is a fire hazard, especially with combustible dust, such as coal or sawdust.

So remember, when managing a collection hopper it should be emptied continuously and your baghouse will reward you with good performance.

If you have any questions about your baghouse maintenance be sure to contact us today!

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