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Story of a Baghouse and the Quick Quote Configurator

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A case study on how IAC’s Quick Quote Configurator can save time and money

Upon repurposing an existing silo to handle a new material, this large midwestern cement plant looked to IAC to help find a solution for their dust collection needs. Utilizing IAC’s Quick Quote Configurator our team was able to quote and deliver a new, high efficiency pulse-jet dust collector within 5 weeks of receipt of a purchase order.

This particular project presented some unique challenges that our service crew had to overcome. The plant’s old shaker style dust collector was housed at the top of a 180ft silo.

Service team members first had to remove the roof of the housing in order to access to the old collector.

In order to repurpose the unused silo, this cement plant wanted to also insure that their dust collection met the new NESHAP requirements. Removing the old shaker collector would improve filtration efficiency and decrease maintenance costs.

The existing shaker dust collector was placed on a flatbed and removed for proper disposal.

IAC’s custom dust collector being hoisted into position.

Another unique challenge for this project were the space constraints. IAC’s Quick Quote Configurator was able to accurately meet the sizing requirements within inches of the confined quarters of the silo housing.

The new pulse-jet collector was carefully lowered into place a top the 180ft. silo.

Lowering the new dust collector into its final position. A tight fit that needed to be assessed accurately and efficiently to meet IAC’s scheduled completion date.

Now complete, this large cement company will no longer have to worry about filtration efficiency or meeting the new NESHAP requirements. IAC’s Quick Quote Configurator was able to exceed our clients expectations and deliver a new high efficiency customized dust collector in 5 weeks. Presented with unique challenges our team was able to accurately assess the specific needs of our client and give a personalized solution to their dust collection problems.

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