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m-pulse baghousem-pulse baghouse 2

Baghouse Designs

M-Pulse Baghouse

IAC`s M-Pulse, long bag, medium pulse Pressure Baghouse is designed for efficient operation and effective cleaning for large process gas flow applications. The M-Pulse is especially effective on coal fired, biomass, and other steam production applications. The modular design simplifies application up to 2,000,000 CFM.

Target industry applications

  • Industrial and Utility Boilers
  • Gypsum, Lime and Cement Industries (Kilns, Clinker Coolers, Dryers)
  • Foundry and Steel Melt-Shop Ventilation
  • Primary and Secondary Metals
  • ESP Conversions to Baghouse

Major product features include

  • Modular design & modular expansion capability
  • Low 60 PSI pulse pressure cleaning, which saves energy through lower compressed air requirements
  • Unique inlet gas baffle plate design, which aids in particle collection before filter media is encountered and in gas flow distribution in each module
  • Simplified service through easily accessed cleaning valves and controls
  • Weather-tight, covered service module with overhead winch to aid in lifting clean air plenum doors and bags for easier change-out and maintenance
  • Long bag design, (8 meter / 26`3″ typical), reducing steel footprint and capital investment for significant quantities of filter media
  • Steep pyramidal hopper designs for each module, which aids material flow and simplifies material collection
  • Divided inlet and outlet gas manifolds to promote even gas flow distribution into and out of each cleaning module
  • Automation integration into centralized plant system control when required

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Shop Built Modular Pulse-Jet Baghouse

When it comes to high gas volume process gas applications, look no further then our shop assembled Modular Pulse-Jet Baghouse. 100% welded in shop, this dust collector has many desired features. Because of its modular design the structure is comprised of separate modules. The benefit of a modular design is that a module can be cleaned separately off-line while the others continue functioning. The cleaning is completed via pulse-jet which is the most efficient form of cleaning a filter bag. Its design and cleaning efficiency results in a 5 year bag life for the pulse-jet filters.

modular pulse-jet baghouse
pulse-jet low to medium air

Pulse Jet – Low to Medium Air Volume Pulse Jet Cleaning

IACs high pressure (70-100 PSI) Pulse Jet Baghouses have been field-proven for over 20 years at thousands of installations. The units can be used for either process gas or nuisance/fugitive dust collection. Filter media from 44 ft2 to 21,818 ft2 is available in this design series.  Snap- band type 6.25″ bags in lengths of 36″, 50″, 72″, 96″, 120″ and 144″ are pre-engineered into our standard design; however, tube sheets can be easily configured for your own bag size for parts commonality.

Ceramic High Temperature Pulse Jet Filters

These high temperature pulse jet filter units utilize state of the art rigid low-density, high porosity cast ceramic filter elements sometimes called “Candle Filters”. They are engineered for removal of particulate matter and other pollutants from industrial process gases in the most adverse conditions at temperatures reaching 1,650°F or 900°C. For severe acid gas applications catalyst infused ceramic elements can be provided to meet stringent emissions regulations. The highly active catalyst is formulated to be extremely effective in the simultaneous removal of SOx, NOx, dioxins and particulate matter. These highly efficient, corrosion resistant elements can operate in systems of up to 840°F or 450°C.

ceramic high temperature filter

low ratio baghouse

Low Ratio Baghouse | ESP Conversions to Pulse Jet Cleaning

If your capital budget has you in a bind, consider a conversion or baghouse rebuild in place of a brand new collector. Baghouse dust collectors can often be rebuilt or upgraded at a fraction of the cost over installation of new collectors. The collection efficiency of antiquated reverse air and shaker designs can also be improved with efficient pulse jet cleaning, typically increasing the amount of gas volume the collector can clean without increasing the collector size. Side walls, hoppers, and ductwork is reused in the conversion, and a new “clean air plenum” with bags and cages is supplied. Savings occur not only from reduced equipment. Rebuilding typically reduces demolition, support concrete, new electrical cabling, crane time and labor. A properly organized conversion can also minimize plant downtime over new systems.

Bin Vent – High Pressure Pulse Jet Cleaning Vent Filters

IAC stocks complete Bin Vent Filters in popular sizes, along with clean-air plenums and tubesheets to speed delivery for custom orders. Top-entry or side-entry units are available. Standard size Bin Vents range in size from single bag units to 480 bag Collectors that carry as much as 9,350 ft2 of cloth area. Stainless applications (including food grade) are available, and IAC`s engineers can custom design a unit for your specific needs.

bin vents

Additional Dust Collector Designs

Filter Receivers – High Pressure and Vacuum Design

IAC designs and builds different styles and sizes of Filter Receivers based on the specific project needs and application requirements. IAC`s standard units carry up to 4,500 ft2 of cloth area, and you can select from either bottom load, side-bag removal units, top-bag removal units with Davit arms, walk-in plenums, or removable top doors. Filter Receivers can be supplied with or without collection hoppers. (See drawings for dimensional details and options.) Links to drawings for standard units are listed below. Carbon steel, stainless steel (including food grade), and high strength / high pressure units are available.

BAUMCO Baghouses

Baumco has been an industry staple for reverse Air Collectors on Electric Arc Furnaces and foundries for over thirty years. When IAC acquired the Baumco product line, IAC inherited a design pool of Fabric Filter Collectors, Evaporative Coolers, and Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers, along with Collection duct designs that can service up to 2,000,000 CFM. While competitive with the IAC M-Pulse long bag, medium pulse Pressure Collector, IAC Baumco Reverse Air Baghouses may be the best equipment choice in some applications, so IAC is pleased to keep them in our product line-up. IAC offers parts and service support for the Baumco Dust Collector line and is pleased to also offer pulse jet conversions to Baumco customers.

Shaker Style Cleaning Bag Filters

IAC builds Baghouse Dust Collectors with a Shaker Style bag cleaning mechanism in applications where compressed air is not available for filter bag cleaning or other conditions make it necessary.

Cyclone and Multi-Clone Mechanical Collectors

IAC Cyclone Collectors utilize cyclonic action, centrifugal force to separate dust and particulate matter from the process air stream. No fabric filter bags are required. Cyclones can be used as the primary Collector or the Pre-Filter to a Baghouse Filter or other equipment. IAC Cyclones can be sized and designed, as required by the specific application and many configurations available. Multi-clone Collectors can be provided for high CFM volume or added efficiency. Support gussets and legs, as well as vortex breaker expansion hoppers and abrasion resistant inlets, are also provided.