Pleated Filter Elements

Filter up to 300% more media using pleated filters.
Make the switch today!

  • Longer lifespan than traditional filter bags
  • Less required filters per system
  • Smoother installation process
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Increase Filtration and Lower Cost

Reap the benefits of premium performance with the latest innovation in dust collection technology. These one piece cartridges wipe out the need of filter cages; leaving you with fewer components to worry about, while covering up to three times the filtration area.

If your have a pulse-jet baghouse then the transition to pleated filters is even easier. These filters are designed to function with pulse-jet collectors so you won’t need to reconfigure your system.

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    Certain dust collection applications do not permit the use of pleated elements. If you’re not sure that pleated filters will work with your application, submit the request form above or contact us.