Industrial Fume Arms

Industrial strength fume arms designed to extract the toughest of fumes from:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Soldering
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • and much more!

These long lasting fume arms are easy to assemble and are known for their durability over time.

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Product Information

We offer two types of fume arms depending on your facility needs: Hanging Arm and Standing Arm.

View the product specification sheet below to determine which part is best suited for your facility.

If you need help at any point in your selection process, feel free to chat with us online or call and speak with one of our engineers.

Fume arms are becoming increasingly important as OSHA continues to crack down on worker safety. IAC Fume Arms are easy to clean because the low amount of build up that occurs over time. Don’t wait till you get fined, request a quote today!

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    Ask about our stainless steel options for blending, pouring, mixing, chemicals and more!

    Product Specification

    Use the sheet below to select the appropriate part number for your application. Please reference the part number in the comments section of the quote form above.

    Arm Part # Tube Diameter (in) Arm Length (ft) Hood Diameter (in) Ductwork Connection (in) Mounting Configuration Typical Restrictions and Air Flow (in wg) Arm, Bracket & Hood Weight (lbs)
    W02-01-10154584Hanging or Standing4.3 @ 375 cfm20.9
    W02-01-10254884Hanging4.3 @ 375 cfm24.4
    W02-01-122057105Hanging or Standing3.5 @ 550 cfm43.2
    W02-01-1230510105Hanging3.5 @ 550 cfm46.5
    W02-01-162067126Hanging or Standing3 @ 800 cfm57.5
    W02-01-1630610126Hanging or Standing3 @ 800 cfm59.7
    W02-01-1640614126Hanging3 @ 800 cfm65.2
    W02-01-202087148Hanging or Standing2.5 @ 1000 cfm77.8
    W02-01-2030810148Hanging2.5 @ 1000 cfm83.3
    W02-01-2040814148Hanging2.5 @ 1000 cfm93.2

    * All hanging arms include wall bracket and galvanized ductwork connection.
    *If ordering Standing Arms, place a “P” behind the part #.

    Additional Options

    Equipment Options Hood Options
    Exhast FanFloor StanchionsLight Kits20" diameter hoods for 6" arms
    Stainless Steel ArmsExtension Booms20" diameter hoods for 8" arms

    Standard Hanging Mount Brackets

    Bracket type Ø (in) n ØD (in) C (in) L (in) B (in) W (in) H (in) Weight (lbs)