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IAC’s Quick-Quote Configurator

Utilizing IAC’s new Dust Collector Configurator Program you can purchase a complete Baghouse Dust Collector directly through our aftermarket parts department. This program will save you time and money. From start to finish it is possible for us to quote, provide approval drawings and ship equipment within 4 weeks.

The IAC Configurator can provide quick deliveries on Baghouse Dust Collectors, Bin Vent Filters and Filter Conversions to pulse-jet style filters, in sizes up to 20,000 ACFM. Collector designs include top bag access, side/bottom access and walk-in clean air plenum, each with bag and cage filtration or pleated filter elements. All styles are constructed in carbon steel or stainless steel and are typically pressure/vacuum rated for 20″ W.C.

Typical Response Times:
Quotations – 1 to 24 Hours
Approval Drawings – 1 to 3 Days
Shipment – 3 to 8 weeks after drawing approval

3d baghouse

Capturing Wood Dust Using Our Collectors

Do you own or work in a facility that has an extensive amount of sawdust? Talk to us today about designing a collection system for your wood dust requirements.

Click here to learn more about our wood dust collection capabilities

Quick-Quote Application

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