Wood Dust Collection

Dust collectors for all your wood dust, sawdust, and wood workshop needs.

IAC dust filtration systems are custom designed to fit a shop or factory of any size.

Don’t let sawdust become a hazard for your shop. Fill out our quote form below and you’ll be on the fast track to acquiring your new dust collector.

Your Facility Could be at Risk

Let IAC protect you from combustible dust hazards in your shop. Our expert engineers specialize in designing systems for dust filtration. We’ve built equipment for the largest power plants down to the smallest shops, which provides us with experience that cannot be matched by other companies.

Our company understands the risks when dealing with wood dust, that’s why we can ship you your new dust collector in as little as 4 weeks. Using the IAC Quick-Quote Configurator Program our staff will be able to quickly asses your facilities requirements. We design, build and deliver your system, so there’s no need to deal with a third party or middle man to prolong the process.

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    Custom Designed for Your Shop

    IAC in-shop, point-of-pickup dust collection systems for wood processors are uniquely designed to handle multiple pick-up points with total system air flow in the 3,000 cfm to 15,000 cfm range.

    Our approach can be a very cost effective, when compared to individual collection point systems, and has the added advantage of centralized disposal of collected fines.

    Typical shop dust collection system sized for 3,000 – 15,000 cfm, comes complete with 7-16 collection points, custom hoods, internal ductwork, outside baghouse, fan, and drum collection.

    Get Your Quote Faster

    Want to make certain you get your equipment as fast as possible? Fill out our Quick-Quote Application and you’ll receive a quote in 1-24 hours.

    Still Not Sure if Your Facility Needs a Dust Collector?

    Read our blog Combustible Dust: How Concerned You Should Be and determine if a collection system would be right for you. Contact us today and we’ll help to evaluate your current work environment.