IAC Provides RCS & Mitigation Solutions to Brick Manufacturing Plant

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Working with various industries over the last couple years, IAC has been successful in creating and implementing Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Mitigation action plans to help reduce silica dust exposure in work environments and surrounding areas to comply with new silica regulations. Recently, IAC’s RCS Mitigation Plan proved to be successful for a brick manufacturing facility. Working closely with the customer, IAC completed post plan and installation testing. Upon following up, IAC and the customer found that the plant’s silica exposure levels are now well below the action level.

After realizing the performance and expectations of the IAC RCS Mitigation Plan, customer management contacted the IAC Sales Engineer to request additional mitigation at other plant locations in the area. The customer was interested in purchasing three more of these packages and would also be looking at minor modifications to all of their systems. IAC provided solutions to these minor modifications suggested by one of IAC’s engineers including changing the location of the Baghouse which would lengthen the main supply duct and replacing the fume arms in the facility. These changes ended up increasing overall production by keeping the customer’s systems running more efficiently with increased dust collection.

For this customer, the successful installation of IAC’s RCS Mitigation Plan at one facility resulted in further requests for IAC to complete system modifications as well as installing RCS Plans at other locations. IAC’s timeliness and attentiveness to the customer’s specific needs is always our top priority when it comes to providing solutions. Our ability to complete every phase of a project with a combination of efforts by our engineering department and sales division is something we always take pride in here at IAC!

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