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For the most advanced transload, terminal, and truck loadout facility designs on the market, chose IAC as your EPC Turnkey Construction provider.

IAC’s EPC turnkey construction design / build skills helped a sand company in Dilly, TX  create a  transload facility that efficiently moves product from rail cars to bulk storage to over-the-road trucks.

This greenfield EPC project included dual railcar unloading pits, four (4) bulk storage tanks, truck loadouts with scales and automated controls, sand handling conveyors, and an IAC OEM dust collection system.

IAC's transload facility design can accommodate 100 car unit trains unloading into four 5,000 ton bolted bulk storage tanks. A unit train can be unloaded in 24 hours, allowing a new train approximately every 36 to 48 hours. Automated truck loadouts with scales allow over 300 truckloads per day to be emptied from the bulk storage tanks.

IAC OEM Equipment & Integrated Systems
for Transload, Terminal, and Loadout Facilities:


IAC Transload and Loadout Project Gallery:

Slide IAC_transload_facility_rail_conveyors Rail pit with baghouse, dust collectors, ductwork, concrete work, structural steel, enclosures, and covered mechanical conveyors to protect product during transfer to 5,000 ton bulk storage tanks. Slide IAC_transload_railcar_unloading Dual railcar unloading pit, baghouse, ductwork, concrete, enclosure, and structural steel with safety railings and caged ladder. Slide IAC_rail_loadout_belt_conveyors Railcar releasing product into the dual unloading pits to rapidly transfer the material to bulk storage tanks. Slide IAC_transload_structural_steel_fixed_ladder Covered mechanical conveyors protect product during transfer to four 5,000 ton bolted bulk storage tanks. Slide IAC_transload_conveyors_to_storage_tanks Dual covered mechanical belt conveyors transfer product to vertical bucket elevators. Nuisance dust collectors capture fugitive respirable crystalline silica and return it via the ductwork to baghouse. Slide IAC_truck_loadout_scales Skirted 5,000 ton bulk storage tanks equipped with telescopic loading spouts and automated scales for efficient truck loadout. Slide IAC_truck_loadout_automated_hmi_touchscreen Truck loadout with never-leave-the-cab HMI touchscreens for fast driver check-out.

Services Beyond the Build for Long Term Success

After the build is complete, and the transload, terminal, or loadout facility is online, many clients choose to continue their partnership with IAC by utilizing one or more of the services that truly make our company unique among EPC contractors: our expert specialty operations, maintenance, construction, and engineering teams.

Special OPS Operations Team: IAC’s Special OPS teams can develop facility operations optimization guides for your crews to implement, or stay on as long term contractors to manage the day-to-day operations of your transload or loadout facility.

Blue Crew Maintenance Team: IAC’s baghouse maintenance and field services crews are fully OSHA and MSHA certified, including working in confined spaces. Known industry wide for trustworthy inspection and maintenance services, our Blue Crew will help ensure your facility operates with peak dust collection efficiency and reduced emissions.

Adelphi Construction Team: IAC’s Adelphi Construction crews specialize in the industries that utilize our OEM Bulk Material Handling & Air Polution Control systems most, such as transload and truck loadout facilities.

Specialty Engineering Teams: Whether your transload or loadout facility is a standalone business, or part of a larger manufacturing, power generation, or mining operation, IAC’s specialty engineering teams can provide customizable control systems, along with air polution control safety and mitigation solutions such as:

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