Solutions for the Cement and Lime Industries

Efficient Solutions & Technology

For more than 30 years, IAC has been the premier partner to the Cement and Lime industries. We have developed efficient solutions and technologies tailored for the unique needs of cement companies and manufacturers of lime.

From maintenance, to capital equipment, to complete turnkey plant builds, let IAC be your cement plant or lime company’s single source solution provider

Solutions for the Cement and Lime Industries Include:


      EPC Services for the Cement and Lime Industries

      IAC's solutions for the cement and lime industries can turn your expansion or greenfield plant built into reality. Position your cement or lime company for success with the latest technology, equipment, capacity planning, and analytical management tools by using IAC’s EPC and EPCM services

      The benefits of having IAC as your EPC provider are:

      • IAC can take the lead from project planning and management to commissioning and all stages in-between.
      • The company has one point of contact and accountability.
      • It is easy for the company to get post-commissioning services from a single source.
      • EPC ensures quality and reduces practical issues and fragmented decision making.
      • The company is not affected by the market inflation because investment figures are known at the start of the project.
      • IAC has an unmatched record of delivering plants ahead of schedule and on budget!

      Flexible Engineering and Construction Services

      IAC can perform the complete cement plant or lime plant project utilizing in-house engineering and construction capabilities, or partner with your preferred engineering or construction firm. Learn more about IAC’s in-house construction division, Adelphi Construction.

      IAC's EPC Cement and Lime Industry Successes:

      • Greenfield Plant
        • 1,500 tons of structural steel
        • 34 baghouses
        • Air-to-air heat exchanger
        • Conveyor systems
        • Rotary valves and fans
        • Process control
      • Loadout Facility
        • Four 2,000-ton silos
        • 160 TPH pneumatic conveying system
        • Scales
        • Automated controls
        • IAC Fugitive dust collector
        • Structural steel
      • High Effeciency Seperator
        • 110,000 SCFM IAC Baghouse, 120 STHP of Cement
        • Structural steel
        • Secondary equipment
      • Off Spec Clinker Handling
        • Silos
        • Conveyors
        • Baghouses

      OEM Baghouses, Bulk Material Handling, and Pneumatic Conveying Systems

      IAC is the leading OEM for Baghouses, Bulk Material Handling, and Pneumatic Conveying for the Cement and Lime industries.

      Baghouses: IAC’s long bag M-Pulse and conventional short bag baghouses are successfully deployed at cement and lime plants across the globe including:

      • Missouri Lime Kiln: 30,000 ACFM
      • Kentucky Clinker Hot Tank: 25,000 ACFM
      • Oregon Lime Kiln: 20,000 ACFM
      • Arizona Coal Mill: 20,000 ACFM
      • Arizona Raw Mill / Kiln: 206,000 ACFM
      • Arizona Clinker Cooler: 98,000 ACFM
      • India ESP Conversion: 40,000 ACFM
      • Kentucky Cooler Baghouse Rebuild: 80,000 ACFM
      • Tennessee Kiln Baghouse Rebuild: 200,000 ACFM



      Bulk Material Storage: IAC is a leading-edge design, engineering, and erection company offering Turnkey Solutions for dry bulk material storage. Our experience in bulk storage silos, pneumatic material transfer, and dust filtration systems can provide your cement or lime company with a single source installed system. We also specialize in new expansion projects, retrofit upgrades, and in continuous dense phase conveying for products with low breakage requirements.

      Take a look at our video on bulk material storage solutions

      Pneumatic Conveying: IAC’s experience in material conveyance makes us the perfect Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner for cement and lime plant projects. IAC can provide design assistance, Blower Packages, Bin Vents, Filter Receivers, along with all the component parts for a complete system, including day bins / work bins, storage silos, and dust collection equipment. Control automation can be integrated into your existing process automation.

      For more information on our pneumatic conveying capabilities, please visit here.

      For more information on IAC’s Cement capabilities, download our Solutions for the Cement and Lime Industries presentation.



      Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems:

      IAC provides several critical systems to support the Cement and Lime industries. These include:

      • DSI and Mercury Mitigation  for MATS compliance
      • Re-circulating Scrubbers and Semi-Dry FGD
      • NOx Control, SNCR technology


      • SNCR Gas Exhaust Treatment
      • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
      • Permanent Sorbent Storage and Injection Equipment 
      • Proprietary designs and technology



      IAC has the largest mobile DSI testing fleet

      • Contact us to deploy at your facility

      IAC’s Permanent Solutions: Cost effective means to reduce Sox (SO2 and SO3) and HCI from boiler flue gasses.

      • Advantages
        • Lower capital Costs
        • Reliable and Efficient
        • Small footprint
      • Benefits
        • Most cost-effective way to maintain compliance
        • Proven technology
        • Low maintenance costs




      Maintenance and Operation Services

      Blue Crew Maintenance Service: IAC was founded on dedication to superior service and customer support, which continues to be the bedrock of our business philosophy. Today, our Kansas City sales team, and field deployed IAC Blue Crew, offer a wide range of services and maintenance options for lime and cement companies.

      IAC’s Blue Crew Services include:

      • Demonstration Testing for Mercury and MATS Compliance
      • ESP and Baghouse Conversion
      • Baghouse Maintenance & Filter Bag Change-Outs
      • Parts and Component Sales
      • Mechanical Inspections
      • New Installations
      • Equipment Conversions
      • Emergency Service
      • Training and Workforce Development
      • System Evaluations

      For more information, visit our Blue Crew page.



      Special OPS Operation Services: IAC’s Special OPS program is the result of nearly a year of research and development. Our team systematically addresses the key challenges facing cement and lime plants and operations:

      • Maximize Output
      • Overcome Excessive Downtime
      • Train Inexperienced Workforce
      • Resolve Compliance Issues
      • Sustain Performance with Advanced Technology

      For more information, visit our Special Ops page.







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