Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC) Services for Hemp & Related Industries

IAC’s solutions for the hemp growers and processors can turn your farm operation, processing plant expansion, or new or greenfield plant build into reality. Position your hemp company for success with the latest technology, equipment, capacity planning, and analytical management tools by using IAC’s EPC services.

The benefits of having IAC as your EPC provider are:

  • IAC can take the lead from project planning and management to commissioning and all stages in-between.
  • The company has one point of contact and accountability.
  • It is easy for the company to get post-commissioning services from a single source.
  • EPC ensures quality and reduces practical issues and fragmented decision making.
  • The company is not affected by the market inflation because investment figures are known at the start of the project.
  • IAC has an unmatched record of delivering plants ahead of schedule and on budget!