IAC Hemp Drying and Processing Solutions

IAC is an integrated EPC Industrial Contractor and System Designer.  Our depth of experience allows us to rapidly execute turnkey design/build projects that include installation and commissioning of highly technical and finely tuned conveying, drying, extraction, and sorting systems.

To benefit our clients by offering superior products, reduced costs, and expedited design, build, and commissioning services, IAC has established a partner network with the most reputable brands in the hemp growing, sorting, drying, and extraction industries.  Our clients are able to leverage our network, or we will work with their chosen equipment suppliers.

Farm-side Products

Crop Insurance (PDF)
• Wet Bucker
• Dry Bucker
• Organic Fertilizer
• Anti-fungal spray to prevent molding

Sizing, Drying, Bagging and Material Handling:

• Conveyors
• Dryers – Rotary, Continuous, Batch, Fluidized Bed
• Dual Screw Feeders
• Wet/Dry Chopper
• Hammer Mill
• Super Sack Bagging Systems

Dust, Emission, Mold, and Pollution Control

• Dust Collection
• Industrial Vacuum Systems

Extraction Systems:

• Ethanol Extraction Systems – Batch and Continuous
• CO2 Extraction Systems
• Spektrum
Modular C1D2 Ethanol Extraction Solutions
    • Modular Distillate Solutions
    • Modular Isolate Solutions
    • Modular Chromotography Solutions
    • Retrofit of facilities with standalone equipment (including P&IDs, Controls, and Process Piping)
    • Pressure Vessels and Buffer Tanks
    • Feasibility Studies

Hemp Design and Support Services

• Engineering – Electrical, Structural, Mechanical, Chemical, Process, Systems, Controls
Operational Support – Commissioning, Startup and Operation
• Maintenance Support – Dedicated Teams, Preventive Maintenance Programs, -Maintenance systems

Systems, Control and Reporting

• Ticketing System – Batch tracking and tagging
• Advanced Analytics and Reporting Packages
• Instrumentation and Control Hardware and Software Systems
• Process Control and Instrumentation Equipment

Hemp Seed Processing

• Seed Harvesting
Seed Processing
• Seed Drying
• Seed Packaging

Waste Handling
• Combustion/Pelleting