Maintenance and Operations Services

Blue Crew Maintenance Service: IAC was founded on dedication to superior service and customer support, which continues to be the bedrock of our business philosophy. Today, our Kansas City sales team, and field deployed IAC Blue Crew, offer a wide range of services and maintenance options for lime and cement companies.

Special OPS Operation Services:
IAC’s Special OPS program is the result of nearly a year of research and development. Our team systematically addresses the key challenges facing cement and lime plants and operations:

  • Maximize Output
  • Overcome Excessive Downtime
  • Train Inexperienced Workforce
  • Resolve Compliance Issues
  • Sustain Performance with Advanced Technology
  • Startup and Commission
  • Develop operational procedures, manuals, reporting tools
  • Implement advanced process control strategies
  • Improve yield and plant throughput
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring
  • Implement predictive and preventive maintenance programs

IAC’s Blue Crew Services include:

  • Demonstration Testing for Mercury and MATS Compliance
  • ESP and Baghouse Conversion
  • Baghouse Maintenance & Filter Bag Change-Outs
  • Parts and Component Sales
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • New Installations
  • Equipment Conversions
  • Emergency Service
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • System Evaluations

For more information, visit our Blue Crew page.

For more information, visit our Special OPS page.