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IAC Does it Again! Three for Three, in Three months

In Press Release by IAC

MISSION, KANSAS, October 21, 2018:  On July 5, 2018, Industrial Accessories Company (IAC) announced completion of the design/build of two frac sand facilities, in parallel, in Central Texas, along with 3 other facilities under construction.

One of those projects, located in Oklahoma was commissioned during the week of 10/15.  With production rating of 3.0 MTPY, this particular start-up was able to achieve initial production targets of 50% capacity within 8 hours of start up, and full production (100%) within 7 days, beating the original schedule by two (2) weeks!

The project included process and design engineering, site prep, wet plant, dry plant, silo storage, load-out, buildings and fully automated control.  This is yet another success story for the rapidly growing IAC firm. This was accomplished due to three focus areas:

  1. Safety and project management – doing things the right way with prior planning and in house project management
  2. IAC patented dual feed dryer – increased through put with additional (bonus) feed system; dual feed quickly becoming the dryer design of choice
  3. Optimization – initial set up and commissioning adjustments used to quickly reach sustained production runs; more to follow regarding IAC’s optimization services

About IAC: Founded in 1986 Industrial Accessories Company, is a fast-track, high-technology equipment design and fabrication company. As an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract provider serving numerous industries, IAC has delivered countless systems for a wide variety of trusting and satisfied customers.

IAC is strategically located in the center of the United States in Kansas City, with field offices on the East and West Coasts to be responsive to our customers. For more information on IAC and Adelphi’s corporate capabilities, or inquiries about utilizing their services for future projects, please contact Glenn Smith or Mike Sedler at (800) 334-7431.  Glenn can be reached at gsmith@iac-intl.com and Mike can be reached at msedler@iac-intl.com.