Fans rated in cubic feet of air per minute (CFM)

PERFORMANCE DATA: A fan is a constant volume device. The blades of a fan wheel can be compared to “buckets of water”, each carries a finite volume of air. Dependent on temperature and altitude, a cubic foot of air has a variable mass.

The fan industry has established a standard for listing performance data on a specific fan. That standard is based upon the air / gas density of 0.075 lbs. / ft³. This is the density of air at 70 °F at sea level (29.92” Hg).

Normally constructed with mild steel. Other options are aluminum propellers or all aluminum for spark resistance, stainless steel or coatings for chemical resistance.

OEM Brands Available From IAC:
New York Blower
Twin City Fan
Cincinnati Fan
Chicago Blower
Robinson Industries
Flakt Woods

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