BMRX Rotary Paddle

The BMRX Rotary Paddle has a reliable point level detection for bulk solids including powder, pellets, and granular materials and can be used in bins, silos, chutes and conveyors with material density from 2 lbs./cu. ft. to over 100 lbs./cu. ft..


  • Rugged construction and simple,dependable design
  • Triple thread screw-off cover
  • Switch selectable high/low fail-safe
  • De-energizing motor for extended operation life
  • Four bearing shaft assembly reduces wear and increases reliability
  • Internal, bi-directional clutch
  • Various voltages available
  • DPDT relay output, 250 VAC, 10A
  • Dual conduit entrance
  • Removable wiring terminals
  • Interchangeable with other rotaries
  • Powder Coated finish
  • Adjustable sensitivity