Compression with Side Band

Side-Band compression couplings provide improved axial holding power, higher pressure rating and prevent the connection from pulling apart.


Unique design of IAC Side-Band Compression Couplings gives you vastly improved axial-force holding power to connect or repair threaded or unthreaded pipe and tubing. Dual-locking side bands grip the pipes and allow higher operating pressures than those normally suggested for standard IAC compression couplings. Especially e ective where line vibration is a problem, and on plastic pipe. You get all the positive sealing advantages of the IAC compression coupling in a coupling that can hold its own in  ghting end pull. Available for 1-1/2” through 24” nominal pipe or tubing sizes – including millimeter sizes. Static grounding strips or stainless-steel gasket protectors also available.

Note: For Side-Band coupling length, add 8 inches to basic coupling length.