Dresser Type Pipe Couplings – Smith-Blair

Smith-Blair “Dresser-Type” pipe couplings are used for heavy duty high pressure applications.  A wide variety of gasket materials are available.  The complete Smith-Blair coupling product line is available from IAC.


Our steel couplings offer many distinct advantages when installed in a piping system. Properly selected and installed flexible couplings maintain the continuity of the pipe system, retain the line contents under internal pressure and prevent infiltration under vacuum. Our couplings consist of one cylindrical sleeve with conical inner surfaces at each end; two resilient, wedge-shaped, specially-compounded rubber gaskets; two ring-shaped followers and a set of high-strength, low-alloy track-head, oval-neck, rolled-thread bolts with heavy hex nuts.

IAC also supplies Repair Clamps, Saddles, Expansion Joints, Reducing Clamps, and more.

IAC can cross-reference most coupling brands.

Please Note – We must have the following information to quote Smith-Blair couplings:

  • Outside diameter and type of pipe.
  • Temperature and type of material going through pipe for correct middle ring and gasket.
  • Maximum amount of pressure in the pipe.