Intelligent Remote Output / Input Timer Board

The Model DNC-T2300-I/O module provides several functions. It communicates with a T2310 or T2320 Dust Collector Timer via the RS232 port to form an Enhanced Timer system, and it communicates pertinent system data to remote control/display devices via the 2 wire Enhanced Timer Network.



It also incorporates three 4-20 mA current loop inputs, three contact closure type inputs, and one type J thermocouple input. In addition, the I/O board provides 16K bytes of non-volatile memory for the storage of up to one year of input trending data. The I/O board requires either a T2310 or T2320 Timer to program and operate the board and a T2300 Display Panel to access data trending reports.

The I/O board offers significant versatility to the Intelligent Dust Collector Controller system. It can monitor, display, alert, and store dust collector system parameters from pressure sensors, emission monitors, plenum air flow sensors, broken bag detectors, fan motor current sensors and any other device which has a 4-20 mA current output or contact closure output. The unit works in conjunction with the T2310 and T2320 Timers and also with the DNC-T2300-DSP Display Panel.