Photohelic Gauges

The Photohelic combination switch and gauge provides the same monitoring ability as a Magnehelic gauge but with the added feature of being able to control when the baghouse cleaning device operates, “On Demand Cleaning”. This can provide greatly increased energy savings as well as reduced maintenance costs.


The baghouse cleaning device (compressed air, fan or shaker) only operates when needed. The equipment operator adjusts the high differential pressure (dirty/clogged media) “On Set Point” and low differential pressure (cleaned media) “Off Set Point”. When the differential pressure rises to high it hits the On Set Point, then the baghouse cleaning device turns on and cleans the filter media until the differential pressure  decreases to the Off Set Point, then the cleaning device automatically turns off – saving energy and reducing equipment and filter media wear and tear. As the filter media slowly  becomes clogged again the differential pressure raises up to the On Set Point and the cleaning cycle begins again.