Pleated Filter Elements

IAC Pleated Filters can vastly improve the performance of your pulse jet baghouse with no baghouse alterations.




IAC pleated filters are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any requirement. The following are just a few examples of what we offer:

  • Bottom-load and top-load pleated filters to fit most any brand of baghouse.
  • PTFE laminate finish.
  • Oil and water repellent finish.
  • Metalized finish for static dissipation.
  • Stainless steel / copper ground wires.
  • Polypropylene and galvanized or stainless steel metal inner core.
  • High Temperature Components

Filter Medias:

  • 100% Spun bond polyester (standard)
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with PTFE membrane laminate
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with hydro and oleophobic treatment
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with grounded with aluminized anti-static surface
  • 100% Spun bond polyester with grounded carbon impregnation PTFE membrane laminate
  • Aramid felt (Nomex Type)
  • Aramid felt with PTFE laminate
  • PPS felt
  • PPS felt with PTFE laminate finish

View our Baghouse Filters page for additional information on Pleated Filters.