Sonic Horns

IAC Sonic Horns fluidize unwanted particulate buildup with high intensity, low frequency sound waves in air pollution control, food and dairy spray drying, and material handling process equipment.

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    IAC has been supplying over 30 different models of Sonic Horns to a variety of industries for over 25 years. Specific industries require different frequencies, sizes and materials of construction of horn, which IAC can recommend for you! Sonic Horns can be used in the following industries: Cement, Grain, Wood, Food, Foundry, Steel, PVC Compound, Kaolin Clay, Carbon Black, Power Generation, Spray Dryer Operators and Boiler Operators.

    Use IAC Sonic Horns to clean:

    • Baghouses – cleans filter bags and hoppers
    • Food and Dairy Spray Dryers – removes sidewall build-up from dryers, baghouses and cyclones
    • Electrostatic Precipitators – reduces build-up on collector plates, electrode wires, hoppers, inlet distribution devices
    • Cyclones – eliminates sidewall build-up and discharge plugging
    • Bins & Silos – reduces funneling of powdered material and eliminates discharge plugging
    • Heat Exchangers and Economizers – reduces and eliminates tube build-up
    • Ducts and Conveying Lines – eliminates wall build-up and plugging

    IAC Sonic Horn advantages:

    • Each Sonic Horn is shop tested and tuned for maximum performance.
    • For ease of installation, IAC Sonic Horns can be shipped with shop installed mounting flanges and custom mating connections to fit each specific application.
    • Bells and drivers are constructed of either carbon or stainless steel with sanitary fabrication available.
    • At IAC`s shop, we can save costs to customers by rebuilding, testing and servicing all makes and models of used Sonic Horns to increase their performance.
    • IAC can provide high performance, competitively priced spare parts for most all other manufacturer`s Sonic Horns