Variable Radio Frequency

The VRF™ Series uses Variable Radio Frequency to detect the presence or absence of material in a vessel by compensating for the load of the probe, as well as the load induced by vessel environment, and automatically determining the optimal operating frequency for the greatest sensitivity and stability.


At initial start-up the sensor detects the characteristics of air (no load), and calibrates to it. If installed in material, when the load is reduced (material leaves probe), the VRF™ senses this change and automatically recalibrates to its new condition without the need of an operator or technician.

The VRF™ Series also features Bindicator’s EZ-CAL® II function which rapidly recalibrates the sensor during recalibration situations. The VRF™ Series is available in two models, the VRF-2000 which offers visible lights that alert the operator of calibration and alarm status. The VRF-1000 offers all the breakthrough capabilities of the VRF-2000, but can be used where visible recalibration and alarm lights are not needed. Both the VRF-2000 and VRF- 1000 are available in remote models for high temperature and vibration conditions and cable models for taller vessels.

Bindicator VRF™ Series continues to provide the Pro-Guard® feature, which cancels out the effects of material coating on the probe, preventing false indications.