Control Systems

Control Systems Services

Control System Design Solutions

IAC has extensive expertise in conceptualizing and designing control system solutions for a wide range of uses. This diverse experience includes applications in the following industries:

  • Chemical and Food Processing
  • Steel Mill Foundry Processes
  • Rubber Products Manufacturing
  • Injected Molded Plastic Product Manufacturing
  • Communications Systems
  • Dust Collection and Handling
  • Continuous Process Kiln Drying Processes
  • Mining and Road Construction Conveying Weigh Systems
  • Dry and Liquid Automated Material Handling Systems
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Other Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Operations

Cost Effective Control Application and Interface

The philosophy at IAC is to minimize system hardware costs by specifying or providing “off the shelf” controllers and control system components. Along with the wide range of PLCs Industrial Accessories Company can utilize, other key components such as; Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), DC Motor Controls and Motion Control Devices. This idea, of using existing products that will do the job and are available in the marketplace, results in significant cost savings to the customer. A large number of control products are evaluated on an on-going basis so Industrial Accessories Company can provide interface components that give the customer the best value for his existing control systems.

Professional Engineering Services

  • Drawing Review and PE Sealing

    Review of the electrical system drawings, schematics and application calculations and affix a Professional Electrical Engineer’s Seal on approved documents as needed.

  • Power System Analysis

    A Professional Electrical Engineering analysis of existing or proposed power systems are available. This service includes a complete written report of the results. Other forms of documentation can also be provided to meet varying customer needs.

  • Electrical Distribution Fault Analysis

    Identify occurrence, location, type and magnitude of faults in a distribution system up to 15 Bus’s. This analysis is software aided and reviewed completely by a staff Professional Electrical Engineer

  • Energy Management Analysis

    a professional review, analysis and recommendations for energy management of a complete facility or specific segments of a system

Control Panel Design and Assembly

Along with system design ability, Industrial Accessories Company also has the capacity and expertise to assemble the control panels for these systems. All panels are designed to National Electric Code specifications and the Electrical Standard of Industrial Machinery, NFPA Article 79. Compliance with these specifications and standards are essential, particularly since most panels are used in NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 7, 9 and 13 environments. Besides employing these standards to ensure a safe design criterion, future expansion needs are also considered and extra space is designed into the panel if possible. The control panel assembly process is closely monitored by the design engineer. A complete inspection and testing of each panel is performed before shipment to the customer. This process eliminates costly field changes often necessary when design engineers and panel assemblers are not able to communicate effectively.

PLC Engineering and Programming

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System Engineering

The Industrial Accessories Company staff has extended skill in system design and implementation of industrial PLC control systems. Since PLC systems are a primary focus our company, we have extensive experience with a wide range of controller families from many different manufacturers.

PLC Programming

Our company has comprehensive expertise in programming the controllers as well. Each staff programmer has attended classes provided by the PLC manufacturers. This training, coupled with each programmers years of field experience, gives the company the knowledge to provide innovative solutions for a multitude of programming problems. Also, the firm maintains a “standard device” programming library for common control components programming.

Project Management

  • Analysis of Bids & Recommendations to Owner
  • Development of Initial Project Milestone Schedule
  • Placement of Orders to Contractors as Authorized by Owner
  • On Site Coordination & Construction Management
  • Schedule & Run Periodic Project Review Meetings
  • Represent Owners Interest Through Term of Project
  • Review Invoices & Approve Payments to Contractors

HMI/OI Programming

All HMI/OI programmers at Industrial Accessories Company have far reaching expertise founded in hands-on programming classes. This combination of training and years of field experience give the company the ability to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of HMI/OI needs. The programming staff can work with systems using simple program languages such as Basic or Visual Basic or more advanced languages such as C or C++.

Power Use and Intergration

Power Application and Design Surveys

We can perform power utilization surveys to ensure an existing distribution system will not be overloaded by the additional power needs of a process upgrade. These surveys include feeders, services, panel boards, lighting panels and existing power utilization equipment. A thorough identification of all devices and detailed drawings are generated to ensure the continuity of additional power system loading.

System Integration

In many circumstances, suppliers of industrial equipment do not have the engineering resources to ensure a successful interface of their products into a customer’s existing system. This role of liaison, between supplier and end user, is another service Industrial Accessories Company is uniquely qualified to provide. As system designers, we understand what is required to coordinate the integration of equipment and we use this experience to communicate with the suppliers to achieve a smooth installation and start-up.

Industrial Area Networking

Industrial Accessories Company can layout, program and implement shop floor industrial networks. The company is well acquainted with PLC and OI communication protocols including DH485, DH+, Modbus+, Modbus, Tiway, GE Fanuc, RS232 and RS485. Along with integrating PLC and OI data communications, the firm has the ability to connect shop floor systems into existing office LANs.

Training and Documentation Services


The broad skill set of the Industrial Accessories Company staff allows the company to offer on-site training for any system enhancement provided. This training time is essential to ensure continued smooth operation of the system after the initial startup period is complete. Therefore, this service is provided as an element of the standard proposal Industrial Accessories Company provides for all control system upgrades or additions. Site training visits are also available as an individual service for new employee orientation or as a refresher course for incumbent operations or maintenance personnel.


Once the startup phase of a project is complete the customer’s day to day operational involvement is just beginning. To ensure consistently smooth operations, effective maintenance, ease of problem resolution, and proper training utilization, a thorough technical documentation package is essential. Industrial Accessories Company provides the following high quality documentation packages:

  • Panel Assembly Drawings
  • Electrical Schematic Drawings
  • One Line Power Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • PLC Documentation
  • Operation Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • OI Documentation

All drawings are provided on a reproducible Vellum and a disk copy. These drawings are all generated using the latest version of AutoCAD or previous releases if preferred by the customer.

Other Available Services

System Troubleshooting

As control systems are used on a day to day basis they are subject to damage, outside electrical interference and other possible problems. Industrial Accessories Company’s broad experience base in design, programming, integration and applications provide the customer with an excellent resource for troubleshooting problems and avoiding long periods of down time. Since Industrial Accessories Company has the expertise and test hardware available, many problems can be resolved over the telephone or by modem connection. This capability reduces the customers troubleshooting costs to one or two hours of telephone assistance from a day or two of on site support. Of course, Industrial Accessories Company can also provide on site troubleshooting as needed.

Maintenance Audits

Inspection Surveys and Reports – Industrial Accessories Company can provide maintenance audits for your existing control systems. These audits can identify problems, include recommendations for periodic maintenance checks and catalog low cost replacement components that should be kept on hand. This service pays for itself by helping eliminate system down time.

A system Inspection Survey by Industrial Accessories Company, before changes are made, can ascertain existing control functions and current electrical power requirements. After the initial survey, Industrial Accessories Company can then review the proposed upgrades and identify control changes or new power requirements the user should be aware of before a decision is finalized. This service allows a business to avoid functional or extra cost “surprises” which often occur when a process control system is upgraded or replaced.

Industrial Accessories Company can provide Maintenance Audits or Inspection Surveys for installed systems before they are bought or sold. Reports for a prospective buyer, seller, management or other parties can be provided in formats as specified by the customer.

Installation Services

Industrial Accessories Company can provide qualified electrical installation for control system designs, panels and component upgrades. Installation assistance for integration of supplier upgrades is also available.