Don’t Let Regulations Slow You Down

Reduce NOx Emissions by up to 70% using Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR).

Lower the cost of your NOx reduction efforts
Little downtime required for most units
Significant changes to air filtration system are not necessary

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SNCR is rapidly becoming the premier solution to reducing NOx levels in the Cement industry. Ammonia is introduced as a reagent in order to react with available hydroxyl radicals to form amine radicals and water.

The amine radicals combine with nitrogen oxides to form nitrogen and water. Because 90-95% of NOx in flue gas is NO, this results in an significant reduction in the overall NOx emissions.


Cement manufacturing is prone to producing NOx emissions; don’t risk receiving a hefty penalty. Provide us your information in the contact form or call our corporate office. Due to the significance of NOx emissions we will get started processing your request immediately. We have service teams and engineers located nationwide to asses and maintenance your plant no matter the location. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to reduce your NOx emissions!

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