Mercury Control

IAC’s 3 Step Program



IAC`s fully equipped, 48` long test rig trailer complete with recordation equipment, blower injection system, and bulk bag unloader will come to your site and install temporary sorbent injection wands for a full scale efficiency test.

Select PAC Sorbent


Several different sorbent`s can be checked for efficiency. Dispusion modeling into the process gas stream with documented removal effectiveness is tested and recorded.

Install PAC Equipment


Once the proper injection points and sorbent is selected for maximum efficiency, permanent equipment can be designed and installed. IAC can provide a “turnkey solution”.

We Provide

  • The testing trailer
  • Nozzles and manifolds
  • Introductive PLC controls for sorbent usage documentation
  • Labor for installation
  • Technical staff
  • Documentation of project results

IAC’s Field Testing Program

Using IAC technology and protocol our crew develops a test plan utilizing proprietary IAC sorbents and one or more powdered activated carbon (PAC) sorbents of your choosing. CFD Modeling is used to create a dispersion model, and select best locations for sorbent injection ports.

We will Provide

  • Test Rig – Totally self-contained injection system to store, inject, and control the testing of multiple sorbent trials.
  • PLC Controls for this testing equipment.
  • IAC manpower provided for continuous 24-hour testing.
  • Installation of sorbet injection lines from test rig to ductwork.
  • Fabrication and installation of required nozzles, manifolds, and multiple injection ports into the duct test zone.
  • Coordination of test procedures and data acquisition with testing laboratory technicians.
  • Assistance in documenting performance data.