Maximize Output with IAC Special OPS

IAC Special OPS

IAC’s Special OPS program is the result of nearly a year of research and development. It systematically addresses the key challenges facing Frac Sand plants and many other Industrial plants and operations:

  • Maximize Output
  • Overcome Excessive Downtime
  • Train Inexperienced Workforce
  • Resolve Compliance Issues
  • Sustain Performance with Advanced Technology

Special OPS achieves these results through a four-phased approach that can be applied to any Industrial plant: Evaluate, Improve, Develop and Monitor.

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The Four Phases of IAC Special OPS

  • EVALUATE: Current operating conditions

    • Conduct an analysis of the current state and areas of operational improvement
    • Produce a plan of how to address the largest areas of opportunity within the plant

  • IMPROVE: Plant output

    • Increase production and quality
    • Increase availability and run times
    • Decrease dry plant feed moisture
    • Decrease air emissions and dust control issues

  • DEVELOP: Processes and people

    • Implement advanced process control automation
    • Optimize wet and dry plant loadout
    • Create comprehensive maintenance plan
    • Develop operator and workforce training programs

  • MONITOR: Performance through technology

    • Develop data analytics program through advanced sensor technology
    • Implement new control points
    • Create key performance metrics and reporting system
    • Provide real-time data feeds and trend analysis

Trusted Partner, Frac Sand Innovator

Why IAC?  We are uniquely experienced to improve frac sand production performance and accelerate return on investment.  IAC is an advanced, high performing EPC contractor and provider of engineered systems, innovative equipment, service and components.

  • 45 Frac Sand Plants designed and built
  • Awarded 7 dry and wet plants in an 18 month period
  • Designer and manufacturer of innovative, high performing equipment
  • 2 times more completed Frac Sand plant projects than our nearest competitor
  • Completed 2 plants simultaneously in under 8 months
  • Over 30 years’ experience serving numerous industrial markets

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Industries Served:

  • Frac Sand
  • Cement and Lime
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Steel, Iron and Metals
  • Food and Grain
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Plastics

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