Don’t make this mistake when designing a baghouse

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One of the biggest sources of operational problems in a ventilation system is the initial layout.

When we say the initial layout we mean the paper napkin phase of a project; the very first phase before any engineering has begun. Often, the problems in a baghouse can be traced back all the way to this beginning stage.


Looking at the drawing to the left, you can see that the fan and the inlet were designed on the same side of the baghouse. This design flaw was created in the first stage when designing the system. As you can see the airflow doesn’t have much motivation to travel all the way to the other side of the baghouse. Now compare that drawing to the one on the right.

Do you see the difference? When placing the fan at the opposite end of the inlet, you allow the airflow to travel throughout the entire system, creating a better balance.


Another design issue that people run into is when placing the discharge on the same side as the inlet. When airflow first enters a system it is at a high velocity. Because dust surrounds the discharge area, this dust begins to mix with the flow coming into the system which results in re-entrainment. Similar to the issue face with the fan, placing the discharge on the opposite side of the system as the inlet can solve the problem of dust mixing with the flow.

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