The Effects of Air Leakage in a Baghouse Ventilation System

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Do you know what the biggest performance killer for a baghouse ventilation system is?

It’s none other than “in leakage”.

For those who don’t know what in leakage is; it is when air seeps into a ventilation system.  A small hissing sound can be heard when in leakage is occurring. As the air leaks into the system it begins to take away from the flow of the process. The disruption of the flow results in reduced performance or production of the overall system.


Now here’s the real issue.

The above image shows a process ventilation system that utilizes a high temperature baghouse. When the air comes into the baghouse it meets ambient temperature, in which case the air begins to grow in volume. Ambient in leakage can significantly reduce the performance of a ventilation system which becomes very costly.

If you’ve noticed a hissing sound coming from your baghouse or in any area of your ventilation system, contact us today. We have emergency service teams ready and willing to help handle your issues.

Don’t wait until you’ve lost thousands in production. Call IAC today and we’ll send out an engineer to evaluate your system.

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