Proper Filter Bag Installation in a Baghouse

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Proper Filter Bag installation is the single most important component of a leak free, efficient dust collection system. There are many different types of filters and dust collectors in the industry today.

Typical filters seen today are:

  • Top load and bottom load pulse-jet filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Shaker style filters
  • Envelope filter bags
  • Reverse-air filter bags
  • Very long top load pulse jet filters with two or possibly three piece support cages

All of these collector types have specific instructions and procedures for proper filter install.

A few things to consider when installing new filters

Filter Bag Handling

Proper handling and care is very important. Many of the newer style fabrics and membrane coatings that are being used today require special handling to protect the collection surfaces. These filters can be severely damaged during install if they are not handled properly. A proper storage area, gloves, and installation sleeves are required.

Bag to Cage Fit

Filter bag to cage fit also needs to be considered. For filter bags to clean properly the tightness of the bag on the cage is critical. Certain filter media requires a snug fit, while others need a little bit of movement to aid in cleaning the dust off of the filter surface.

Proper Tensioning

In baghouses using reverse-air or shaker cleaning systems, proper tensioning is critical for bag performance. Inadequate tension can allow the fabric to over-flex, reducing its strength and causing leaks along flex lines. Over-tensioned bags can cause the bag seams to pull apart, as well as limit cleaning action

Installing filter bags in a baghouse dust collector can be easily managed as long as you know the proper steps to take. If you or your staff do not know how to install filter bags, consider setting up one of IAC’s baghouse training seminars. We will send out one of our expert engineers to your facility to ensure your staff is properly trained on how to handle your dust collection equipment. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of filter bag installs? IAC has baghouse services crews set up nationwide to assist with any baghouse maintenance needs.

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