Hooding Design For Ventilation Systems

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Did you know that poor hooding or no hooding at all can pose a major problem for your ventilation system?

You may not give it a whole lot of thought, but hoods are an important component in your vent system. Looking at the illustration below you will see a belt to belt transfer.

no hood illustration

As you can see there is dust generating from the transfer of material. Ideally, your vent system will keep a negative pressure so that dust will not come out of the system. You can also see that there is some velocity created around the inlet of the vent. Without a hood, dust will get pulled up into the vent from the velocity that is created.

proper hood illustration

Adding a proper hood to the system doesn’t get rid of the velocity, but it keeps the dust from taking over the vent and keeps the negative pressure inside the system.

You can see how important it is to have the proper hooding, and without it your system will not perform to the level it was designed for.

If you want to know if your system’s hooding is ideal, give us a call and we can set you up with an inspection.

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