The Importance of Using the Bag Pinch

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First of all what is the bag pinch?

When a cage is placed inside of a filter bag there is a section of the filter bag that should be pinched together; this is called the bag pinch.

So why is this important?

If the pinch is too much, it will absorb the pulse jet energy and not clean the filters properly. If the pinch is too tight, the cage may not be able to fit inside of the bag.

bag pinch illustration

How do you get the right pinch?

For a regular felt filter bag, about 1/2 inch would be a proper number to stick to. While that number would work well for most, there are some occasions where it is not ideal. If you have a high temperature system, with fiber glass bags, the pinch becomes a big issue. Since fiber glass is very fragile, those bags will not want to fold when attempting to pinch and will break.

What to do for a high temperature system?

If you utilize fiber glass bags in a high temperature collector, you want 0 pinch, the fit is very important. It is crucial to demand this cage to bag fit from wherever you order your fiber glass filter bags.

If you have any questions about the bag pinch or are interested in purchasing new filter bags, contact us today!

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