Keeping Differential Pressure Reading Accurate

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In previous tips we have discussed the importance of differential pressure, ways to monitor differential pressure and even the right numbers for differential pressure.

But what if those readings aren’t accurate?

Well, today we will cover a couple of ways to ensure an accurate reading of your system.


A baghouse runs with a clean side and a dirty side; with the dirty side being prone to getting plugged up. A simple solution is to connect the dirty side to an inclined pipe that meets the vertical wall. The inclined pipe being placed 2-3 inches into the wall will alleviate any clogging that may occur.

An issue that results in an inaccurate reading on the clean side is whenever the bottom side of the outlet duct is accessed instead of the vertical wall. Tapping into the outlet duct will cause the same issue of plugging up as previously mentioned for the dirty side.

These are easy tips that can be done at the plant level in order to give you an accurate reading. If you’d like to discuss these solutions in more detail contact us today.

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