Long Bag Change Out

In Tip of the Month Video by IAC

In long bag baghouses, the length of the bags can exceed 30 feet. With more length come more potential headaches when completing a bag change out.

While there are several things to look out for when completing a bag change out of any size, the main issue to be aware of with long bags is when the bags clump together.

Clumping can occur when the bags begin to intertwine or tangle together toward the bottoms of the bags. Tangled bags can reduce flow and result in poor system performance. Good spacing between bags is key to maintain an optimized flow in your dust collection system.

One simple way to space out the long bags is to use an extension pole to space the bags apart. The size of the extension pole will be dependent on how long the bags are. Because bags clump together towards the bottom, a pole that is the length of a 30 foot bag would not be necessary.

Untangling the bags should be completed at the end of every change out. You’ll be amazed at how this quick and simple solution will result in increased flow and system performance.

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