Troubleshooting Short Filter Bag Life – Video

In Tip of the Month Video by IAC

Short Filter Bag Life is often a complicated problem to diagnose. The following may be helpful in performing some preliminary checks.

First verify that the operating temperature is not above the recommended limit for the filter bag media. Each media type has a specific upper temperature limit in which it can operate safely.

Next check for signs of chemical attack. Bag materials can degrade due to certain chemicals present in the dust stream. A few to watch out for are: Oxygen levels above 15%, Alkaline, and Mineral Acids. High Moisture content along with relatively high temperate can also cause some medias to degrade quickly.

Next you will want to inspect the filter to see if there are any signs of localized abrasion. Abrasion of the filters at the top cuff could be due to incorrect installation or miss-aligned blowpipes. Abrasion of the filter bags at the dusty air inlet may require an inlet baffle modification. Corroded, rusted, bent, or broken support cages can also cause excessive bag wear. Available Stainless steel or coated cages can help to reduce cage related problems.

To insure your baghouse is always operating at peak efficiency, call our IAC Field Services team, The Blue Crew, and set up a routine maintenance program or inspection today.